Beginners Guide to choosing a new Drill Press

If you’ve just recently started getting into building or carving in your spare time, the drill press will certainly be one of the first tools you’ll consider buying for your pursuits. It’s great because it’s extremely versatile, and can be used for many different things.

However, since you might be just at the starting-out level, you might not want to invest in an expensive machine just yet. That can wait until you’re sure that it’s something you want to spend your time pursuing. Also, the size of the workplace (how much room you have) will be something you’ll need to take into consideration. If you have a massive workshop, then it won’t really matter as you’ll have plenty of space for your new drill press.

Keep in Mind:

Types of Drill Press
As far as the type of drill press you decide to purchase goes, there are mainly just two different designs to choose from – benchtop and floor standing. Irrespective of the model, the main thing that needs to be noted is that the machine needs to be fitted with an adequately powerful and sturdy motor.  Also, the benchtop model would probably suit this consideration just as well as the freestanding one. However, it could be possible you need more powerful than that design can put out. In that case go for the floor drill press, rather than the table-mounted design.

Variable Speeds
The motor that drives the spindle on a high quality drill press will allow you to adjust it to multiple speed settings. The stepped pulleys allow you to make the necessary changes to the speed of the drill bit. This is useful because you use a different speed for drilling wood than you do for steel.  The more speeds that you can vary on the machine, the more precise are the adjustments that you can make on the drill press.

Useful features
Another important part of the drill press is the chuck. The chuck quality and rigidity vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The chuck can be difficult to repair. However most major brands produce a drill press with a very good chuck – but best to be sure. Finally, what needs to be ensured is that the chuck works smoothly across all the available adjustments in the drill press. the chuck should not be wobbly or loosely attached to the drill bit.



The last and the final thing that needs to be considered is the budget. Like all pieces of equipment, the drill press comes at varied prices, right from the cheapest one to the most expensive one. What needs to be understood is that the quality of the drill press depends on the price – a cheap drill press would not give you the same quality and the output as a premium quality one.  My opinion is that you should buy a cheaper one for a start, then decide on if you want to upgrade.

Five Tools Every Handy-Man Needs

Scroll Saw

The scroll saw is a handy tool to have in your shed. It’s an electrically powered saw that’s fantastic for when you need to make high precision cuts in wood. Or, for when you’re working on a project that demands attention to details. Some even use the scroll saw for arts and crafts, so it’s not only great for wood workers.

Circular Saw

Another must have saw, which is perfect for when you have a job that the handsaw can’t handle. The circular saw makes the job of cutting wood so much easier, as well as more efficient. The Circular saw is essentially a circle shaped blade which spins at high speed enabling it to easily and accurately slice through wood. It’s very similar in design to a table saw, however unlike the table saw it is quite portable and easy to lug around with you.

Hand drill

You probably already have a good idea about what you need a hand drill for. Everybody, even people who aren’t into wood work usually have one of these. They’re the go-to for creating holes in just about any material. Basically it’s a hand-held device which has a “drill-bit” which rotates at high speed in order to bore holes. When you’re shopping for a drill, make sure you check online for some reviews. Ryobi drills are some of the most popular as they’re known for their high build quality.

Drill Press

When a hand drill doesn’t suit the job, then you probably need some thing more powerful like the drill press. The drill press is similar to a hand held type of drill in the way it works, however instead of you holding it, you bolt it down. Because the drill press is bolted to the floor, or bench it’s very sturdy. They can do repeated and tedious tasks like drilling holes over and over again with ease. The best drill press for you depends on what sort of work you need it for. If you’re doing mostly hobby/woodwork then a bench-top drill press will suit you fine.

Hand Saw

No workshop would be complete without a handsaw. Although they’re limited compared to electrically powered saws, if you just need to do a simple bit of sawing then they fit the bill perfectly. The best hand saw should be made out of a strong steel so the teeth stay sharp for a long time. Often cheaper brands are made from poor material that wears fast.

Ideas for Creating Flower Crafts

Flowers are truly relaxing and enjoyable to work with. If you want to practice your hand with crafts, flowers can be a good starting point. Flowers are beautiful and simple, so creating arts and crafts with them shouldn’t be so complicated. Flower crafts are also fulfilling because you can see your creation around your home and as part of special events.
If you want flowers to be a part of your life, and not just products of your garden, here are some flower crafts that are easy and fun to do. Some crafts that you can do when using real flowers are flower pots, pressed flower candles, and flower baskets.

flower pots crafting

For flower pots

Flower pot crafts for kids are great project you can do with all your family. You can use old flower pots and use freshly pressed flowers placed with craft glue and place them on the sides of the old flower pot. You can color the pot to hide any defects or chip, and it is best if you use paint that is contrasting with the color of your flower so it gets highlighted. If you are molding a new pot, place the freshly pressed flower against the clay just before it hardens. You still have to use craft glue so that every part of the flower gets attached to the pot.

For flower baskets

You can also use an old basket and simply decorate them with flowers, ribbons and laces. You can also place loose petals to make the basket look like it is overflowing with flowers.

For crafts where you would use silk flowers or artificial flowers, you can do floral centerpieces, wreaths, and holiday decor.

For floral wreaths

Bind silk flowers in a circular pattern and add ribbons and artificial leaves as well. You can create wreaths of different color schemes to suit different areas or places in your home where you can use them.

For centerpieces

You can use small bundles or place silk flowers in vases or in small decorative pots. You can choose the color of the pot and the color of the flowers depending on the color scheme that you have in your living room or dining room.

For holiday decor

You can create a valentine themed decor, Christmas themed decor, or favors for special events such as wedding flower favors. You can prepare them beforehand and just take them out whenever you need them. This is cost-effective too as you can use them over and over again since these holidays comes every year.