Best Angle Grinder – Guide to choosing the top one

For most people that do a lot of work with metal in their garage, an angle grinder is a vital part of their tool line up. Whether you use it to smooth out your material after welding, or just for something like removing rust – you will be well served with one of these great tools in your possession.  Fortunately there is no shortage of good angle grinders to choose from. In this guide we will briefly take a look at the most important considerations you must make when buying one.

What are the top things to consider when you’re shopping for an angle grinder?

is it well made, and built to last?

It’s imperative that you buy a high quality machine. Buying a tool like the angle grinder can be thought of as an investment. So it makes sense to spend a bit more to ensure that what you’re buying is high quality and you get a lot of use out of it. A good starting point here is to buy from a reputable brand like Makita. The benefit of going with a well known brand is that they usually have a lot of customer reviews to back up the quality of a product, they also offer great warranties.

How Fast and Powerful does my grinder need to be?

In case you didn’t know the angle grinder works by spinning the abrasive disc at a high speed. Generally the higher the speed the more capable the grinder is. Speed is measured in RPM, so you should make sure to go for one with a high RPM rating. Another similar consideration is the Horse Power, the higher this is the more powerful your grinder will be.


Our Picks

Makita 956CV

This grinder from Makita is mid-range in terms of affordability, and is very high quality. It’s not the cheapest, however as you know, you get what you pay for when it comes to these tools.  Makita has their own “super joint system” designed to prevent damaging the internals of the grinder if it gets jammed up. The motor of the 956CV is pretty powerful consider that the grinder is actually quite light weight and portable. all in all, this is a nice pick for all around use, and comes at a fair price.




Dewalt has a fantastic reputation for making great power tools, so with this DWE402 you can’t go wrong. The size that this tool accommodates is 4.5 inches, so about right for the usual projects. The DWE402 has an impressive power/weight ratio, with its 11 AMP 11000 RPM motor.