Best miniature drill press for jewelry making

Most of you have heard of the drill press, and you probably know that it’s a great tool for general DIY and wood work. What you may not know, however, is that you can get a special miniature type of drill press which has uses in certain fields like jewelry making. This is known as the mini drill press, as the name implies it’s size is very compact, so you won’t get much wood working done on these tiny machines!

But you will be able to work with small bits and pieces with these fantastic smaller styled machines. The whole purpose of these is to be able to carry out delicate and precise work with very little work pieces. So for jewelers they’re the obvious choice. Another one of the reasons many people choose to purchase this tool is because they’re convenient to lug around. This is because the design of them means they’re light weight and very portable. The bottom of the machine which is made of cast iron usually sits on the bench and holds it in place sturdily, it also doubles as the table/base of the drill.

Obviously a tool with such niche use cases does have some downsides too. You cannot work with large or even medium sized objects, for that you would need something bigger and more capable (at least a benchtop style drill). The throat capacity of these machines simply doesn’t compare to most of the bigger options on the market. Also, the motor on these machines isn’t all that powerful. However, if you think the mini drill press is right for your work then the small motor shouldn’t matter much.

We have done extensive research into what the best miniature drill press is, and there isn’t a conclusive winner as there are plenty of good options. However, we have tried to narrow it down to our favorite.

The Proxxon 38128 small drill press is a good choice if you consider quality to be important to your buying decision.  The machine is crafted meticulously and built to last. In-fact the proxxon can drill tiny holes as small as .5mm, so this is the perfect option for jewelers and people who need to create tiny, and accurate holes. The base consists of cast alloy, so it’s as rigid as you need for this type of tool. The throat capacity is about 5.5 inches long, and in total it weight about 8 pounds. One thing that I did not mention yet is that speed settings is an important feature. This is because you need to operate the drill at a specific RPM depending on what material you’re drilling (wood, metal, glass, etc). This particular tool can go from 1800 RPM all the way up to 8500 for jobs when you need very high speed. So overall this Proxxon mini drill is a great option, it’s not the cheapest but it’s definitely a quality product.