Make Your Own Candle Holders – ideas for valentines crafts

Valentine’s Day is certainly one of the most romantic days of the year. Although there are some who dread the day, there are millions who look forward to this Valentine’s Day every year. Since Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance, candles are usually incorporated into the Valentine decor. A great way to customize your candles for Valentine’s Day is to use a glass votive and decorate in a Valentine’s Day theme yourself. It is actually very simple to do, it’s also a fun DIY project to do in your spare time. For this craft project you won’t need too many tools, the most important thing is the bench vise to hold your work in. The other materials needed are listed below.


  • glass votive
  • acrylic paint (red, white, and pink)
  • paintbrush
  • candle for the votive
  • stickers (optional)
  • tissue paper
  • white glue
  • pencil
  • scissors


1. The first step to creating your own Valentine’s Day candle is figuring out what you want to paint on it. There are many options that suit the Valentine’s Day theme very well, such as hearts, doves, teddy bears, flowers, and other things that are commonly associated with Valentine’s Day. If you are not the greatest artist, you can search online and find something that you want to paint onto your candle.

2. If you are afraid of messing up when painting, you can use transfer paper to transfer the image onto the votive. If you are a pretty decent artist, you should be fine free handing the picture.

3. If you have chosen to trace the image onto the candle, start with the outline of the image when you begin painting. If you did not trace it, you should start with the outline as well. Use a small paintbrush to make sure that you do not make any major mistakes. Once you have finished the outline, you can fill in your picture with the colors that you feel would look best.

4. Make sure that your paint is completely dry before moving on. If you are in a hurry and cannot sit around and wait for paint to dry, you can use a blow dryer to make the process go faster. If you want to apply stickers to the votive, now is the time to do so. Keep in mind that you do not have to decorate the entire votive, because only the front of it will be seen.

5. Once you have decorated your votive and are satisfied with how it looks, it is time to apply the tissue paper. This step is not necessary, but it makes the votive look less homemade. The tissue paper has to be white, or you will not be able to see through it well enough to see the images you have painted. Measure the tissue paper to be sure that you cut enough to go around the entire votive.

6. Apply the white glue to one side of the tissue paper and apply it very carefully to the outside of the votive. The tissue paper does not have to be completely smooth, it can be a little crinkled as long as you can still see the image you have painted well enough to tell what it is.

7. Let your new Valentine’s Day candle holder dry. Once it is dry, insert a candle and enjoy!


Other Ideas

If you have an excess of scrap wood you could always use this in your candle holder project. There are some great designs you can make without too much effort. You could shape scrap would into many types of lovely art, you will need a few tools though. A bench grinder is a must, you will also need a saw, and some sandpaper for the finer details.

Ideas for Creating Flower Crafts

Flowers are truly relaxing and enjoyable to work with. If you want to practice your hand with crafts, flowers can be a good starting point. Flowers are beautiful and simple, so creating arts and crafts with them shouldn’t be so complicated. Flower crafts are also fulfilling because you can see your creation around your home and as part of special events.
If you want flowers to be a part of your life, and not just products of your garden, here are some flower crafts that are easy and fun to do. Some crafts that you can do when using real flowers are flower pots, pressed flower candles, and flower baskets.

flower pots crafting

For flower pots

Flower pot crafts for kids are great project you can do with all your family. You can use old flower pots and use freshly pressed flowers placed with craft glue and place them on the sides of the old flower pot. You can color the pot to hide any defects or chip, and it is best if you use paint that is contrasting with the color of your flower so it gets highlighted. If you are molding a new pot, place the freshly pressed flower against the clay just before it hardens. You still have to use craft glue so that every part of the flower gets attached to the pot.

For flower baskets

You can also use an old basket and simply decorate them with flowers, ribbons and laces. You can also place loose petals to make the basket look like it is overflowing with flowers.

For crafts where you would use silk flowers or artificial flowers, you can do floral centerpieces, wreaths, and holiday decor.

For floral wreaths

Bind silk flowers in a circular pattern and add ribbons and artificial leaves as well. You can create wreaths of different color schemes to suit different areas or places in your home where you can use them.

For centerpieces

You can use small bundles or place silk flowers in vases or in small decorative pots. You can choose the color of the pot and the color of the flowers depending on the color scheme that you have in your living room or dining room.

For holiday decor

You can create a valentine themed decor, Christmas themed decor, or favors for special events such as wedding flower favors. You can prepare them beforehand and just take them out whenever you need them. This is cost-effective too as you can use them over and over again since these holidays comes every year.